Swedish Tarts - Henley Beach

There are many things to do in Adelaide on the weekend, one of the things I enjoy doing is bike riding.  We decided not to take our own bikes, and hired bikes from the city for free.  These were classical bikes with baskets and comfy seats.  They were similar to the ones we rode in Europe.  We took the Linear Park track from River Torrens and rode straight down to Henley Beach.  There was a dedicated bike lane all the way to the beach, an easy 13km ride with scenery on the way.  The best thing about the track was that we were not on the road at all, so it was very safe. 

Back to the food, there are a handful of cafes and restaurants at Henley Beach.  Swedish tarts was one of them, this one is located just underneath a set of apartments.  I had been to Swedish Tarts down at Semaphore previously and remembered it being really good, so I had high expectations with this one. 

Flat bread with roasted vegetables looked amazing, if you are not a big fan of blue cheese then I suggest you give this dish a miss.  I could smell the cheese from a metre away, it was sharp and cheesy.  The cheese had melted inside the bread with a variety of roasted vegetables.  Although the serving was not as big, it was quite filling. 


I was a little disappointed with the chilli eggs.  The eggs were not as fluffy as I would have liked.  There were inadequate chilli flakes on top of the eggs and it just lacked presentation.  If you had a look at my previous post, the chilli eggs from Swedish Tarts at Semaphore was a lot better. 


Now who says you need to have savoury food for breakfast or brunch?  Swedish crepes with bananas and dark chocolate sprinkled lightly with icing sugar....almost finger licking good!!  I lifted the crepe to see the inside,  there were little cubes of half melted dark chocolate.  By the time I took a bite, the chocolate had melted completely.  However one of my crepe was obviously cooked longer than the other one as you can tell by the colour, luckily it wasn't burnt.  It was still yummm!!!  A little bit more consistency in the food would have been perfect. 


Visit Swedish Tarts -  Shop 22, 330 Seaview Road, Henley Beach, SA 5022 - (08) 8235 1116

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