Tin Cat Cafe Restaurant and Gallery

Run out of places to go for breakfasts?  Why not give Tin Cat a go?  The cafe is situated on Rundle Street right next to Bunnings.  This cafe had interior decor that was quirky with changing paintings on the wall, apparently by emerging artists. 

I have been here several times, and each time I manage to try something different.  The menu keeps changing with specials.  A friendly staff member arrived at our table and took the orders.  Simple bacon and eggs with mushrooms was a must have.  That would be the one thing that my mother likes to order.  She quite liked it. 

The autumn special was very interesting.  When the waitress read it out it to me, I thought I would give it a go.  It was poached eggs with gypsy ham on a bed of chestnut risotto soaked with red wine.  It was more than a breakfast for me, a little on the rich side.  The ham was marinated in special spices, apart from the big chunck of fat on top it was rather tasty. 

The sweet crepe lacked a little presentation, very ordinary with a few blobs of lemon curd and sorbets on top.  It would have been nice to eat for someone who's got a sweet tooth. 


Visit Tin Cat Cafe Restaurant and Gallery - 107 Rundle Street, Kent Town, SA 5067 - (08) 8362 4748

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Discount: ENTERTAINMENT Gold Card - 25% off the total bill.