The Pantry on Egmont

My good friend told me about this little place.  Who would have thought there would be a cafe , hidden in the small suburb of Hawthorn, amongst the houses and parallel to the train tracks.  There were plenty of parks along both sides of the road.  The little cafe was so tiny that it could fit about 20 odd patrons inside and a few sittings outside.  They do not take any bookings, therefore I suggest you go there early and line up for a table.  From what I could see, there were quite a few locals there, because the waiters knew their names straight away.  The staff there were very friendly and inviting.  It wasn't long before we got a table.  

Another cool breakfast place!!

The interior decor was a little retro with mix and match chairs, a few magazines, books and  even an old tv underneath the counter. 

The coffee was good, however peppermint tea was served in a cracked mug and was leaking away slowly.  Luckily we informed the waiter and he was very apologetic and changed it for us. 

Russell's big breakfast

Russell's big breakfast

The presentation for each dish was pretty average.  Scrambled eggs lacked a little colour and somehow it didn't look as fluffy as I would have liked. 

I love my avocados, and as soon as I saw the smashed avocados on the menu I had to order it. The poached eggs were cooked nicely, the yolk was runny.  Smashed avocado is one of the ultimate fast breakfasts to make. It's healthy and looks good.  However, this avocado did not look as fresh as I expected.  The haloumi cheese was tasty though. 

Museli was nothing out of the ordinary.  It may have been better if it was presented a little more nicely.  

There was a good vibe about this place, and the prices were reasonable.  This cafe certainly has potential. 




Visit The Pantry on Egmont - 2 Egmont Terrace, Hawthorn, SA 5062 - (08) 8271 4409

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