Cannelle French Pastries

If you are up at the crack of dawn and not sure where to go and eat, cos hardly anything is opened apart from Villis or Maccas, then perhaps you should try out this patisserie on Magill Road.  This is like Paris in Adelaide, minus the decor inside. 

Yes, they open very early, like at 5am in the morning.  This little cafe specialises in 'viennoiserie', French pastries.  The cafe has limited seating.  Many will come in for take away coffee and whilst waiting grab a few croissants with them.   Brilliant coffee served by the owner, and yes he spoke French.  

They have the best croissants in town!!

I always say I need to go back to Paris to have the amazing pastries there.  Now I don't need to go back in such a hurry.  At Cannelle, they have a great variety of pastries, including fruits, savoury or sweet.  My favourite one was the pain au chocolat, however the owner said they sold out very early.  I then asked what time he opened that morning, he said 5am.  I suggest if you want a particular croissant or cornetti, go there early to avoid any disappointments.  I decided to get a savoury croissant which consisted of ham and cream cheese.  That was delicious, and if one wasn't enough, Amandier was the next choice.  This one had sliced almonds on top of the golden brown pastry, it was irresistible.   Both croissants were crunchy  with flaky textures.  The moment I bit into it, I could see the dough, layer by layer.  They were absolutely devine.  

The croissants averaged around $3.50 each, and to me that is very cheap.  For the duration I was there having the beautiful croissants, there were many people whom walked in for take away.  With all the retail stores on Magill Road, there are a lot of regulars that keep coming back.  I heard one girl said 'I know every time I come in and I say that I am not going to get a croissant, but every time I come in and I see.  I have to get some cos they are that good'.  As a owner of the store, that was probably one of the things you would want to hear.  The owner put a big smile on his face and happily served the coffee and packed take away for customers.  For the quality of both the coffee and the croissants, together with the friendly service.  This has become one of my favourite cafes of all time.  


Visit Cannelle French Pastries - 123b Magill Road, Stepney, SA 5069 - (08) 8363 4200

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