Pho Nam Vietnamese Restaurant

I was looking forward to having some Vietnamese food tonight, and I saw Pho on Kensington Road.  We went inside, it was very dark with only one table of customers near the window.  We were seated down and the man whom appeared to be the owner handed us the two pages menu quickly.  It was the most simplistic menu I have even seen, there was no more than 12 dishes altogether and on the other side it was just drinks.  I supposed there's good and bad with this, good being the chef can concentrate on the fewer items to bring consistencies with the food, bad would be you're limited to choose from the few items.  It didn't take long before we ordered.  Cold rolls were a must for me.  However he said 'we don't do that anymore', therefore we had to choose something else.  We ordered spring rolls.  They were tiny, $4 for two tiny spring rolls, I wasn't sure.  

Next we ordered coconut juice, the owner then came back and said there was only one.  He did say they were renovating so there wasn't much.  I couldn't see the renovations.  Perhaps it would have been better if there was a sign at the front to let patrons aware that they are renovating and some items are not on the menu.  

Spring rolls

Spring rolls

The biggest disappointment was the pho, vietnamese noodle soup with raw slices of beef.  The noodle soup came out with hardly any accomplishments, normally there would be plenty of bean sprouts, fresh chilli, coriander, mint and lemon so you can cook all of them in your bowl.  The amount of sprouts we were given were not even enough for one person, and only mint leaves and lemons were put on the plate.  The noodles were not the fresh noodles that I had pictured.  The servings were quite small, for $12 a bowl I had expected more. 

Salty noodle soup!

The soup was so salty that we couldn't even eat, we took a bite and had to put our spoons down.  We then told the owner and he went into the kitchen, came back out within minutes to let us know that it was how they serve the pho, and if we wanted they can add more hot water. We said no, after a while he came out with a cooking pot of hot water and poured them into our bowls.  This was a first and hat was meant to dilute the soup stock.  It was still too salty for my liking. 



I must say I have had better pho, not sure what happened tonight.  I supposed we can't argue much for the price that we paid.  I would give this restaurant a miss, there are many authentic Vietamese restaurants in Adelaide. 


Visit Pho Nam Vietnamese - 267A Kensington Road, Kensington Park, SA 5068 - (08) 8364 1965

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