A lot of meat and a lot of seafood!  Yes you heard me, that's Kefi!  A Greek restaurant located on Tapleys Hill Road in North Glenelg.  The restaurant was not easy to find, as you could easily miss it, if you look for Kefi, then you will definitely miss it!  The sign in green actually reads KEΦI, pronounced the same as Kefi.  

There had been mixed reviews for this restaurant, so I decided to try it out myself.  Without a booking on a week day, there was no way that you would get a table.  They offer two seatings, one at 6pm and one at 8pm.  Note for the 6pm seating, you need to allow a lot of travel time if you are coming from the city.  Traffic sucked big time!  When we arrived at the restaurant, it was already almost a full house.  

The ambience was great.  There was interesting wall paper, lamps, film strips on the ceiling, and actors and actresses on the wall.  The restaurant was not very big.

The restaurant was very noisy, and there were a couple of waitresses who came to take orders.  We waited quite a while before the food came to our table.  Whilst waiting, we could smell the aromas and flavours coming from other people's dishes.  After a while, the first dish came out, it was the mixed seafood platter.  It was one of the biggest seafood platter that I have had for one person for a long time.  There were squid tentacles, calamari, prawns, whiteheads.  The serving was very generous.  The potatoes were extra thick and were right at the bottom, seafood were rested on top making the dish looked huge.  I had at least four pieces of fish fillets amongst the prawns.  The calamari was cooked just right, it wasn't chewy and wasn't undercooked.  The whiteheads had a few bones in them, but it was nice to eat.  The squid tentacles were extremely tasty.  Tartare sauce provided, but I didn't think there was need to put the sauce on.  All the dishes came with a little bowl of greek salad on the side. 

Very generous servings!!


Next was the mixed meat platter, sausages, lab cutlet, pork, beef and chicken on skewer.  The meats were very tender, and all were so flavoursome.  I just didn't understand why there was pita bread right underneath all the meat and on top of the chips.  It didn't really go, plus by putting the meat on top of the pita bread, it made the bread soggy. 

I think our eyes were bigger than our stomaches.  We were definitely very full and could not fit in dessert.  We took some away, as I hate to see food go to waste.  The servings were very generous and they were prepared to give us take away containers.  In fact, majority of the patrons had to take their food away.  One thing I did find was not long after eating, the back of our throats were dry and I was very thirsty.  The food was not salty, so why we became thirsty I wasn't sure. 


Visit Kefi - 3/61 Tapleys Hill Road, North Glenelg, SA 5045 - (08) 8350 9199

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