Astonish Patisserie

Who says you have to go to a five star restaurant to have food from an accomplished chef who worked at the Hilton, Stamford or even with Neil Perry at Sydney's famous Rockpool bar and Grill as a sous chef?

If you steer away from the big chain dessert places and turn slightly down King William Road, you will find this Astonish Patisserie owned by Amber.  She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, which is the largest hospitality institution founded in Paris and has a great reputation in patisserie. 


Astonish Patisserie is a 1890's cottage olden house with a little extension at the back.  As soon as I walked in, it was wow.  There were definitely a lot of thoughts put into the design of the interior decor.   It looked amazing.  There were comfortable Chesterfield couches, tripod lights, in fact 3/4 of the room in the Patisserie was given to this area.  There were a couple of book shelves, all the way from ceiling to floor.  There were more books than I have ever seen in any Cafe or Restaurant.  They were real books too.  It definitely reminded me of Paris and I loved it.  We had the whole area to ourselves. 


Amazing French Patisserie in Adelaide!!

The menu was very detailed, and the pictures were very descriptive.  You could pretty much order from the pictures without having to read the description on the next page.  Everything on the menu was very decently priced.  In fact I found them very reasonable.  For the quality as you will see in the latter photos, you will agree with me that it was definitely worth the money. 

The waitress who served us was not so interactive.  Perhaps they were under staffed on the night.  It was on a Thursday night and it was jam packed.  She had accidentally knocked over my camera lens and didn't apologise.  Although it was very busy, Amber still came out from the kitchen and had a long chat with us and told us about her Patisserie and how she ended up here.  

We decided to share a pot of tea.  It came out on a board with two cups already filled plus a full tea pot.  Not many places do that.  It meant we had at least two and a half cups of tea each.  They use temple tea, as described on the teapot. 

Our long anticipated dessert arrived.  It was vanilla panna cotta with water melon and what I thought looked like meringue was actually coconut bubbles.  The panna cotta had a smooth texture and melt-in-your-mouth feel.  I took one bite and I couldn't stop myself from taking another.  Amber told me that she was trying to mix Asian and french together, hence the meringue look-alike blob was actually called coconut bubbles, and yes it tasted just like coconut.  It was soft and foamy. 

Watermelon and Vanilla Panna Cotta

Watermelon and Vanilla Panna Cotta

Frosty bite, the perfect dessert to have for summer.  It consisted of mangoes, raspberries, lychees.  All the fruits were diced into perfect cubes.  The whole dessert just looked so neat.  The granita was made of real fruits, I could taste real mangoes all over.  It was sprinkled with meringues on top.  A very delightful dessert to eat. 

One suggestion was that perhaps all the desserts could be served with a spoon as well as a fork, as when you get to the end of the dessert, it was rather hard to scoop up the little bits of fruits.  

Frosty bites

Frosty bites

Macarons were another of my favourite items.  They were made fresh.  We picked blueberry and hazelnut, and we were given vanilla one to try as well.  Once again, these macarons didn't disappoint us.  The biscuits that held the fillings together were so soft and melted in our mouths.  Amber told us that after three days, if there were left over macarons, they would go straight to the bin, because they would not be fresh and the taste would be crunchy on the outside and hard on the inside, so she guaranteed that all the macarons that she sells there are fresh. 



We were so full after eating all the desserts, however Amber insisted that we try the fruit teas and cold juice.  It was lucky we did, the fruit tea was made from fruit puree.  There were strawberries floating in my tea, no extra sugar.  Meanwhile the berry marmalade was so refreshing and it was a great way to finish off our dessert tasting evening. 

Thank you Amber for introducing your beautiful Patisserie to us and to bring your expertise in French desserts to Adelaide.  It was lovely to meet you and to hear your amazing journey.  

To anyone out there, If you haven't been to this Patisserie before, I really urge you to pay a visit.   It really is a hidden gem for amazing French desserts in Adelaide.  Amber is always developing new and exciting desserts to satisfy the ones with their sweet teeth.  


Visit Astonish Patisserie - 393 King William Road, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8123 4646

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