Miga Korean Restaurant

We decided to go for an early dinner and Miga had a lot of raving reviews, so we decided to give it a go.  We entered a tiny shop on Payneham Road and sat down at the closest table.  They really need some blinds, because the sun was shinning in our eyes, the waitress saw but didn't say or do anything.  It was an open kitchen, with a very small menu. 

We sat down for less than 2 minutes and the waitress asked for our order.  We had not even had a chance to look at the menu.  She then asked us for our drinks order, we ordered a pot of citron honey tea.  It came out in a Chinese tea pot, and to me it was lemon honey water, there was no tea bags or any signs of tea leaves.  Unfortunately it was way too sweet for my liking. 

Takoyaki balls had excellent presentation, however the inside was not as hot as I would have liked.  It seemed to me that these were not cooked fresh, I wondered if they had been cooked before and just heated up before serving.



The kimchi seafood pancake was a disappointment too, we saw the chef flipping the pancake inside the open kitchen, and it came to our table on a big plate.  However there was hardly any kimchi in the pancake, and only few tentacles.  The pancake was slightly soggy and basically full of bean sprouts and red/green capsicums. 

Kimchi seafood pancake

Kimchi seafood pancake

The size of the side dishes were extremely small, there were two choices and both only a mouthful. 

The servings were slightly small in general.  The soft tofu with seafood was in a hot pot, and yes it did not stop bubbling for a whole minute when it arrived at our table.  It was tasty, but there was not much seafood apart from some squid. 

I loved my noodles, so classic udon was my choice.  There were few enoki mushrooms and fish cakes were sliced into the smallest pieces possible.  The soup broth was quite tasty. 

The food at Miga was not bad, but there is certainly room for improvement.  


Visit Miga Korean Restaurant - Shop 3, 474 Payneham Road, Glynde, SA 5070 - (08) 8365 3612

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