Happy Corner Restaurant

I felt like Chinese food again, so off to visit one on Magill Road - Happy Corner Restaurant.  It wasn't very busy on the night, so we were able to get a table quickly.  It seemed like the restaurant served Szechuan food with a mix of Cantonese. 

The waitress who served us spoke very little English, and she was very hard to understand.  I loved my tofu dishes, silken tofu cut into large cubes and topped with century year old egg.  This dish was eaten cold, and no the eggs were not 100 years old.  The colour and texture were derived from the way that the eggs were preserved over several months.  These eggs can be bought at any Asian grocery stores.  I was somewhat disappointed, there was nothing wrong with the tofu or the eggs but the sauce was extremely salty.  The salty bits within just ruined the whole dish. 

The hot and sour soup was ok, the ingredients were all minced.  I could taste the hot chilli and the sour vinegar but that was it. 

I supposed dumplings should be alright to eat if kept frozen.  These dumplings had surely been in the fridge/ freezer for way too long, they had the 'been in the fridge for too long' smell.  I could taste them even when they were in the thin broth with seaweed and bok choy.  I didn't think they were fresh dumplings. 

We decided to try something exotic like stir fried tea tree mushrooms with pig stomach, the mushrooms were tasty and stomach was a little chewy. 

Vegetables with mushrooms were loaded with sauce.  The pork ribs were served on a mini wok and we watched it continue to cook over a couple of coals.  I had expected the pork ribs to be dry, but instead they were soft and moist.  When we were looking for the pork in the dish, it was like finding treasure.  There were very few pieces and more of the vegetables - onions and capsicums.  The kringled potato chips at the bottom were soaked in oil.   It wasn't the dish for me.

The chef must have been a little generous with the salt in all the dishes.  I was quite thirsty afterwards.


Visit Happy Corner Restaurant - 441 Magill Road, St Morris, SA 5068 - (08) 8431 6606

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