Bei-Fang Chinese Restaurant

Don't under estimate small restaurants, a lot of them deliver the best food ever.  This is a small restaurant on Magill Road.  I have ordered take away from there before but this was the first time that we dined in.  The dumplings were a must.  You could have them fried or steamed, I loved the steamed ones.  The skin was so thin and the meat inside was so fresh and tasty.  Nothing like the other chinese restaurants where you could taste the meat that had been in the fridge for too long.  It was a great entree size. 

Best dumplings in Adelaide!!

Chicken Shitake mushrooms dumplings

Chicken Shitake mushrooms dumplings

Next was the spicy soup with prawns, it tasted better than it looked.  One bowl was enough to share between four people.  It was made with tomatoes, seaweed and prawns in a spicy and sour soup base.  I quite liked it, everyone got more than two bowls each.  We had to leave aside to save some room for the main courses. 


Soy pork with silken tofu was so delicious.  The pork was very tender and it was full of flavour.  Broccoli with mushrooms , Szechuan chilli fish were the best dishes for the night.  I have always had the chilli fish soaked in oil, but this time the chunky fish fillets were in a dark sauce full of chillis and peppers.  All the dishes that we ordered went very well with steamed rice. 

I think I under estimated the food in this restaurant.  If you're after some fancy chinese food, this restaurant is not for you, but if you want some tasty Chinese food and not fussed about the ambience or presentation of the food, then this restaurant is for you.  I highly recommend it. 


Visit Bei-Fang Chinese Restaurant - 387 Magill Road, St Morris, SA 5068 - (08) 8332 8886

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