Yum Yai Thai Kitchen

There are a trail of Thai restaurants down Henley Beach Road.  Yum Yai is one of them.  It was very busy for a week night, and we were lucky enough to get a table.  Although the restaurant was not very big, there were indoor and outdoor dining areas.  With only two staff on the floor, they had to mind the patrons inside and outside, not to mention answering the phone calls, people coming in for take away.  I thought they were a little under staffed.  

It did take a while before our drinks were brought to our table.  For me, it was no Thai food if Tom Yum Goong wasn't ordered.  Tom Yum Goong, a traditional Thai style clear soup with fresh prawns, lemon grass, mushrooms, and lime leaves.  It did leave me the distinctive hot and sour flavours, I would have liked a little more crushed chilli peppers in it. 

On the other hand, Tom Kha Gai was chicken in a coconut based soup, there was a good balance between the spices.  Perhaps more chunky pieces of chicken would have been better. 

Yummy fish cakes!

I am always a big fan of Thai fish cakes, they were lightly fried until golden brown and served with a dipping sauce.  The fish cakes were hot, juicy and very flavourful.   A lot of the Thai restaurants would serve just sweet chill sauce, but this one had chopped peanuts which I enjoyed. 

Fish cakes

Fish cakes

Larb Gai was the minced chicken with salad.  I wasn't sure what to make of this dish, the minced chicken was drenched in fish sauce.  The dish was rather salty even when eaten with rice. 

Gang Ped Sarm Rod was the 3 flavours green duck curry, the few pieces of duck meat were on top of the curry and they were quite tasty.  The use of lychees, pineapples and tomatoes was a good way to even out the curry. 

When asked for the bill, we noticed that we were charged for an extra dish that we hadn't ordered.  

The dishes were relatively small in sizes, however the quality of the food was there.  I thought the tables were a little small if you were to share dishes.  It was still worth a try. 


Visit Yum Yai Thai Kitchen - 176 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville, SA 5031 - (08) 8152 0404

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