Milkaholic Dessert and Breakfast Bar

The name of the cafe sounded good, Milkaholic Dessert and Breakfast Bar.  I wondered what they had to bring, the name itself sounded very cute.  Fair enough, the sign on the outside caught my eyes, I couldn't help but to take a picture.  The interior decor of the cafe was pretty amazing.  A lot of pictures were hung up on the wall, and there were decorations that had something to do with 'moo'.  There were giant blackboards with the special menu items, and jokes written on it.  There were a lot of waitresses inside and also behind the counter working, it was only 9am when it opened.   However, it took a very long time before coffee was served to our table.  There were many girls walking around the cafe, new staff who weren't familiar with the menu and got our orders wrong. 

We also noticed that a guy came in for two take away coffees.  The lady which I believe may have been the owner took a very long time and managed to get the coffee order incorrect.  It wasn't busy then.  


A little disappointing!

The music was a little too loud for early morning, perhaps at night would have been nice.  We opted for the special, which was the big breakfast with a jug of bloody mary.  It was a bit of tomato, tabasco, vodka, worchestershire sauce, celery mixed together.  For me, it was a little weird and left a funny after taste. The big breakfast was very bland, ends of bread was served to us.  Mushrooms were soaked in oil.  At first we thought it was water, but water and oil do not mix and I could tell that the plate was full of oil.  The small amount of homemade beans in the little glass were so so sweet, it was strange.  Perhaps the sauce would have been better with something else, it tasted like some asian sauce. tasted like some asian sauce.  

The baked eggs were different, and I don't recall disliking any baked eggs from cafes.  This one would have been the first.  I wasn't sure if the wrong cheese was use, or extra oil was added.  The ham was dried on top, the eggs were underneath melted with cheese, and again way too much oil.  There were layers of oil at the bottom, I couldn't even finish it. 

There were no one to clear up our table, a few girls saw but just kept talking.  I think they need to improve their service a little. 

It was sad to say but I don't think I will be back into Milkaholic in a hurry.  I was very disappointed at the quality of the food.  They were way below average for me.  It is called a dessert bar as well, maybe the dessert is better. I am not sure. 


Visit Milkaholic - 61a Edward Street, Norwood, SA 5067 - (08) 8432 9922

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