Eden Dining Room & Bar

There are many restaurants down at Glenelg, which one to pick?  If you enjoy some beach side dining whilst watching the sunset, perhaps Eden down at Holdfast Shores is for you.

As soon as I stepped into this restaurant, there was a modern and contemporary feeling - black/ white and timber arrangements.  There was also a little cellar on the side.  It was a very warm night, so we decided to have a bottle of rose.  

Bread arrived at our table and the scallops were not over cooked.  They were served with salsa on the side, giving them an interesting kick.  

Seared scallops

Seared scallops

Fancy food with friendly service

The waitress cleaned up our table very quickly after our entrees. The restaurant was not full of patrons at the time.  However there was a long gap between our entrees and main courses.  They ran out of chicken on the night, so I ordered a steak instead.  It was a 250g black angus fillet chargrilled to medium, it was perfectly cooked.  I chose to have the cafe de paris, a butter based sauce full of  herbs.

The chips were amazing!  They were triple cooked, hand chopped from fresh potatoes, they were fried once lightly, then cooked again before frying to give them the extra crunch. 

There are not many restaurants which serve whole fish, so whole barramundi was one of the dishes we ordered.  All the dishes came out on chopping boards.  Again, the fish was done nicely, the dressings and salads on top finished the dish off. 

Whole barramundi

Whole barramundi

Was there still room for dessert?  Yes, we had Just chocolate, the name probably said it all.  It was chocolate all over.  It was a little too rich for us, mousse, brownie, ice-cream with nuts.  A good dish to share. 

Just chocolate

Just chocolate

When we had finished our dinner, and had noticed that there was a cocktail lounge on the side. It looked amazing, I am yet to come back to try out the cocktail menu.  Apparently the bar tender can create any cocktail to suit your taste. 

The food itself wasn't cheap as you can imagine because of the location, however you can use your entertainment card. 


Visit Eden Dining Room & Bar - Shop 6, Lights Landing Holdfast Shores, Glenelg, SA 5045 - (08) 8376 7688

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Discount: ENTERTAINMENT CARD : 25% off the total bill.