Moonsoon Restaurant

It was very funny, I have known Moonsoon as an Indian restaurant.  Sure enough I punched in Moonsoon restaurant, an Asian and an Indian restaurant came up on the google search engine.  However, I looked closely and they differed by one letter, one is on O'Connell Street and the other on Melbourne Street.  This restaurant is certainly no Indian.  In fact it's a fusion restaurant with a mixture of Vietnamese and Thai cuisines.  There are plenty of these restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne.  These fusion restaurants are slowly emerging in Adelaide now.  If you like both Vietnamese and Thai food, this may be the restaurant for you.  

This restaurant is located on the busy O'Connell Street in North Adelaide.  It is in close vicinity to the Piccadilly cinemas.  It was a hot summer's night, therefore the restaurant's front doors were opened up.  We were seated down at the restaurant very close to the front door.  The decor was very interesting, mostly black and white in colour.  I loved the wall paper.  It just added that extra elegance to the restaurant. 

We were welcomed by a friendly staff member.  I must commend her, the whole night when each of us had an empty glass, she would top up our glasses with water.  Our glasses had a piece of lemon in it - not many restaurants have this.  However when our wine glasses were close to empty, it would have been nice for a waitress to top up our wine.  It's the little things that distinguish a restaurant from being a average restaurant to a high class one. 

Also, it would have been nice if the waitresses had given us some recommendations, rather than leaving us to read our menus and then coming to take our orders.  The unfortunate thing was that this restaurant is located directly in front of a busy bus stop.  Every half an hour a bus would stop in front and it got quite noisy.  

Vegetarian spring rolls were nicely wrapped and placed on a black piece of board.  The rice paper was just right, and dipping sauce was perfect. 

Goi Cuon

Goi Cuon

There were many starters to choose from, in fact if you have a group of friends, it's almost worth ordering a few entrees to share so you can try a few of different things.  I love traditional Vietnamese spring rolls.  It was fried and the skin was nice and thin, very delicious to eat.  However, after seeing the first and the second dish presented in the same way, I thought it lacked a little creativity.  We were given complimentary spring rolls. 

I did enjoy eating the BBQ quails, in fact I thought it was absolutely delicious.  Quails were marinated in Asian herbs and spices.  It was mesmorising.

Chim Cut Nuong

Chim Cut Nuong

Tasty salt and pepper squid!

I am always a big fan of salt and pepper squid.  The batter was nice and thin, and it came out golden yellow, just like how I expected.  There was nothing that I can fault with this dish.  I would go back for more. 

Muc Rang Muoi

Muc Rang Muoi

One of our friends wanted something light and ordered a salad.  This consisted of mixed vegetables, with chicken blended with mint, coriander topped with peanuts in a Vietnamese dressing.  The dish was a vinegary one, light and tangy.  

Soft shell crab has always been one of my favourites.  However, I was a little disappointed, the soft shell crab was not as crispy as I would have liked.  It was lacking a little colour, perhaps not sprinkled with so many shallots on top.  I am not sure about the water melon with the soft shell crab, to me it wasn't the perfect match. 

We ordered Bo Tieu Den Dia Nong or sizzling steak in pepper sauce with capsicum, noons, beans and broccoli.  The dish was full of chunky pieces of steak, very tasty, a perfect dish to go with rice.  

Gang Phed Ped Yang or roast duck red curry was not as good as I had expected.  Curry was a little watery, and there was nothing special about the dish. 

One of the dishes that topped the night was the Ca Kho To, which was fish in a clay pot.  The fish was caramelised, it was sweet but not too sweet.  It was just right, when I took a bite of the fish, I could taste the freshness of the fish, lightly salted.  It was one of those dishes that after you took one bite, you just wanted to have more. 

The dish sizing was quite small, and the price was at the top end.  I guess because the restaurant is located on one of Adelaide's top eating spots.  Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I would recommend to give it a go.


Visit Moonsoon Restaurant - 141 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide, SA 5006 - (08) 87225 5382

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