The Summit Mt. Lofty Cafe

What is there to do on a beautiful Saturday morning than to hike up the gully, the Waterfall Gully?  If you are fit or just feel like walking uphill, then this is the trek for you.  A 3.75 k trek up to the beautiful Mt. Lofty.  Trust me it's worth the climb.  If you're lucky, you will see kangaroos and koalas on the way.   By the time you reach the top, you will probably be exhausted, lucky there's the Mt. Lofty cafe or restaurant that you can sit down and relax, or like me have breakfast at the cafe. 

Beautiful panoramic view of Adelaide

Beautiful panoramic view of Adelaide

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

The cafe is very cosy and always busy on Saturday mornings.  Many riders, runners or walkers would sit there to enjoy the views and have a coffee or two.  Once we decided what we wanted, we went up to the counter and ordered the food.  The service was not particularly great.  Not long after, two beautifully poached eggs with wilted spinach, smoked salmon on toasted bread topped with hollandaise sauce arrived.  

Yummy pancakes!!

That morning, I felt like something sweet!  I love nutella, so I decided to try the buttermilk pancakes served with strawberries and nutella.  Yum!! The strawberries were embedded in the pancake, it was mouth watering.  The first flavour to unfold onto my tongue was the sweetness of the nutella, followed by the delicate buttery flavour of the pancakes.  It was delicious!

Yes we could indulge on the food, as we only hit the half way mark for Mt. Lofty, by the time we hiked back down, we would have burnt off all the calories.  Haha!!


The coffee was alright, and the price was reasonable but for a place like this, one of the top tourist attractions.  I thought the service could improve a little.  One recommendation would be to have some freshly squeezed juice.  I am sure its a popular choice.


Visit The Summit Mt. Lofty Cafe - Mt Lofty Lookout, Summit Road, Crafers, SA 5252 - (08) 8339 2600

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