Fortuna Court Chinese Restaurant

I have never been to a Chinese restaurant where I wanted to rush my dinner so quickly.  This restaurant is located on the busy parade in Norwood.  As soon as we entered into the restaurant, we felt like we were at the markets.  There were outdoor lights used indoors.  Literally we had to shout to talk to each other, and we noticed that patrons went outside to take phone calls.  We were seated down promptly, however it took a long time before someone would come to our table to take orders.  In fact, it was the boss lady in the end who came.  

The hot and sour soup was a big fail.  There were chopped up ingredients, and absolutely no texture what so ever.  It was just sour. 

Hot and sour soup

Hot and sour soup

The salt and pepper soft shell crab and the white bait were pleasant to eat, the batter was thin enough and you could actually taste the crab and the white bait.  This was more of an entree than a main.


I haven't had seafood in a basket for a long time in Adelaide.  This one was pretty nice.  The basket was made of fried noodles and held the vegetables and seafood together.  There wasn't as much seafood as I would have liked but it was tasty and fresh.  Next was the smoked tea duck, it tasted better than it looked.  The duck meat was very fresh, and flavoursome.  It was lacking colour and perhaps it could have been presented a little better. The sauce was a shocker, I am not sure how it could have been served.  It was a big blob of thick dark sauce on a little plate.  

Time to give this a miss!!

The chinese broccoli was cooked in ginger sauce, however it was covered in corn flour.  The sauce was so thick, there was clumps of corn flour at the bottom of the dish.  In fact, overall there was extra corn flour added in all the dishes. 

What was more ironic was that the female owner could sit down and have glasses of wine with the patrons.  I suppose that she's the boss and can do whatever she wants.  Next was the chef who came out of the kitchen.  He grabbed that glass of wine and decided that he would also sit down and have a drink with the patron, and then sit right outside of the restaurant to have a smoke.  It just didn't look professional.

I am not sure if these were the new owners, and why this place was rated so high.  The service was super slow and none of the staff smiled.  Our teapot was empty for a long time.  No one came to put more hot water in the pot, until the boss lady shouted at the waiter to come pour water for us.  Noise cancelling walls or ceilings would be one of the things that they may need to consider, it was so noisy that it gave us headaches.  Overall, the dish sizes were very small.  I think you can easily give this restaurant a miss.  Go to Payneham Chinese restaurant which is just down the road.  


Visit Fortuna Court Chinese Restaurant - 217 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067 - (08) 8332 1272

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