360 degrees

The sign said 360 degrees and I had no idea what it was when I drove up Magill Road.  My sister then told me that her friend had opened a new Italian Cafe on Magill Road and I thought it could be this one.  Sure it was, this cafe is located on Magill Road on the right just before Glynburn Road from the city. 

Now how do you link 360 degrees when it comes to food?  Food is cooked at 360 degrees?  What if I tell you that it is something to do with pizza? Maybe a wood oven and the temperature reaches 360 degrees.  Well I think you are half way there.  At this cafe, they have an igloo round shape oven with fire flame gas burner on the side, A hot stone plate that revolves 360 degrees round for rotating pizzas within the hot oven. 

The menu was nice and simple- pizza, pasta and even breakfast.  There was also a specials board near the entrance.  If you are not sure what to have, the friendly owner Nic would be more than happy enough to chat with you. 


I always like to eat my pasta.  This time I decided to try the Pappardelle al Ragu'.  This consisted of the pasta, with ragu' di vitello, pomodoro, minced veal ragout and tomatoes.  The pasta was homemade and it was very fresh.  The meats were mixed and cooked evenly with the pasta.  The best way to eat that dish was with parmesan cheese. 

Pizza time!

There was a great selection of gourmet pizzas, some on the specials board.  In the end, we ordered a Capricciosa, which consisted of pomodoro, mozzarella, prosciutto cot to, salmino, carciofini, fungi, tomato, ham, hot pepperoni, artichokes and mushrooms.  As one of the waiters walked the pizza to us from the oven, we couldn't wait to dig into the pizza.   The outer edge of the pizza was crispy and fragrant, just the dough itself was so tasty.  Moving into the middle section, you could really taste the freshness of the ingredients.  Unlike some of the Australian pizzas, they would be drenched with sauce.  This one was just right.  The best way to eat a pizza is to use your fingers, drop those knives and forks and eat like the Italians. 

Who said having pizzas are fatty?  On this menu, there is vegetarian and vegan options.  There is also a low cholesterol option too.  That's a first that I have seen. 

The servings were pretty generous.  One pizza includes eight slices and it is definitely a good idea to go with a group to try out different pizzas.  I recommend 360 degrees or in Italian Trecento Sessanta Gradi.  It is a truly Italian Cafe with friendly service.


Visit 360 degrees - 324 Magill Road, Kensington Park, SA 5068 - (08) 8332 4114

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