Chef Kim Korean Restaurant

"No matter who you are, we all have the right to enjoy the best dishes.  Chef should be honest with their dishes.  Chef should thank guests, guests thank chef." This was from Chef Kim. 


There are a handful of Korean restaurants in the Eastern suburbs.  This one is definitely worth a mention.  I drive past this restaurant all the time and every time I do, it always catches the corner of my eye.  It is located right on the corner of Greenhil and Devereux Road in the beautiful suburb of Hazelwood Park.  The interior decor reminded me of a beautiful home.  A little seating area outside and timber tables and chairs inside.  A simple place with the homely feel.  There was one waiter serving us on the night and he was very polite.  It got a little busy later on in the night, and he was running in and out of the kitchen.  He did not look stressed at any moment.  


Kimchi-jeon is awesome!!

Kimchi-jeon has always been one of my favourite Korean dishes.  Basically it's Korean style pancake with fermented vegetables (kimchi) mixed in.  The batter was so thin that we could taste the sliced bits of Kimchi.  There was a touch of spice to the pancake, It was a great dish to open up our appetites. 



Another dish that was the perfect match to the pancake was mandu (dumplings).  It was slightly panfried on one side.  They were crunchy outside, but the fillings were nice and moist on the inside, another delightful dish to eat. 



I supposed the next dish would be a perfect one on a warm winter's night, but for me it didn't matter.  I can eat all different types of food the whole year round.  Out of the three hot pot dishes, we decided to go for the spicy seafood stew.  We requested the dish not to be too spicy, it was just mild.  Sure enough there was a lot of seafood in the hot pot.  The ingredients consisted of blue swimmers crab, prawns, mussels, squids, octopus, kimchi, tofu and mixed vegetables.  It was served on a portable gas stove.  We slowly let it cooked.  We let the food simmer in the soup, and the seafood submerged to the bottom.  Within minutes it was bubbling and was ready to eat.  We lowered the stove heat to let it cook, whilst we ate slowly with steamed rice, together with the complementary side dishes.  It was enough to share.  After a while, all the seafood and the vegetables had been cooked.  It was time to take a scoop of the soup.  Yum, it was full of flavours.  

There were complimentary side dishes which were brought to our table, and once we had finished them, the waiter asked if we wanted to have more.  Yes that's the tradition of having Korean food, they provide complimentary side dishes and once you have finished, you could have more, all you need to do is just ask. 

Our stomachs were quite content after eating all the food, however there was always room for dessert.  We decided to order a green tea ice-cream with red bean.  It wasn't just served with green tea ice-cream, there was vanilla ice-cream also on a bed of Korean red bean paste and walnuts, sprinkled with a little cinnamon on top.  It was simple but a perfect way to finish off our Korean meal.   

Green tea ice-cream with red bean

Green tea ice-cream with red bean


This Korean restaurant only opened last year back in August, and with the friendly service and authentic Korean dishes, it will go a long way.  I do recommend this restaurant if you have a desire for Korean food. 


Visit Chef Kim Korean Restaurant - 4 Linden Avenue, Hazelwood Park, SA 5066 - (08) 8338 7831

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