Little NNQ

What better location can there be than on Gouger Street in Chinatown?  From what I can recall, there had been several restaurants that had opened and closed in this particular location.  I quite like the family joint restaurant at Ferryden Park - Nghi Ngan Quan, therefore I had high expectations with this second Little NNQ. 

We didn't make a booking and got a table in the back section of the restaurant.  The tables were quite small for four people.  The waitress gave us 4 drinks menu and 4 food menus, and they took up most of the table.  Within 2 minutes, the waitress asked if we were ready to order drinks, and then another minute later to order the food.  We hadn't even had time to look at the menu properly.  Next minute she came back and we were still not ready.  I didn't get what the rush was.  I thought she was only doing it to our table, but she was doing it to every single table, and of course no one was ready to order and she had to keep coming back.  

$5 beef pho was worth a try, although it was entree size it was enough to have a taste of the noodles in the broth.  A nice entree to open up our appetites. 

Hot and sour soup with prawns was basically what the name says, it was just a little sour for my liking.  It was quite a big bowl and we couldn't finish it.  

I have always liked tamarind sauce, therefore we ordered the snapper in the sauce.  Two big chunks of lightly battered snapper fillets were immersed into the sauce.  A dish which went very well with some steamed rice.  I did find a few bones in the fillets though. 

We also ordered the summer special, the dish actually looked better than it tasted.  It was lobster tail mixed with vermicelli in a chilli dressing.  The lobster meat was dried, therefore the meat itself was slightly hard. 

My favourite was the slow cooked beef in a tomato stew.  This really reminded me of my daddy's cooking.  A simple dish which reminiscent of home cooking, the beef was so tender and the sauce was just delicious. 

Overall, I was a little disappointed with Little NNQ, I guess because I have eaten at NNQ at Ferryden Park this many times that I thought this second one would be the same, or if not better. I thought a lot of the dishes were a little westernised and I would much prefer more of the traditional vietnamese with its authentic flavours.  


 Visit Little NNQ - 125 Gouger Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8211 8558

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