I finally got to go to Africola.  This restaurant is located on East Terrace, right where the Botanic Restaurant used to be.  I admired the decorations in this restaurant.  However, it was very noisy and we literally had to yell to hear what everyone was saying.   It took a long time before someone would come and serve us, so I'm not sure if they were lacking staff on the night. 

The menu was rather interesting.  There were certainly not a lot of choices to choose from.  I had to ask the waitress to explain some of the menu to me.  I had no idea as I have never had African food before. 

Now I love my heirloom vegetables, so I ordered the smoked heirloom carrots.  It was spiced and smoked, but I thought the cost was on the dear side.  This plate of carrots costed $20.

We ordered two of the specials, one was ox tail stew.  There was a lot of texture in this dish. I guess I am not used to eating ox tail.  There were so many bones in this dish and hardly any meat.  I kept biting into the bones. 

Second was the fish of the night and this was my favourite.  It was murray cod.  The meat was so tender and with the apricot dressing, it was a match made in heaven.  I wanted more of this. 

The waitress also suggested we ordered a pap which is very similar to polenta to go with our stew.  I must say it was rather interesting.  

I haven't had African food before, therefore I have nothing of that kind to compare it to.  There was a lot of smoked dishes on the menu, some unusal ones like cows head to share, or mutton necks pork breast, beef shin. 

The pricing for the food is on the higher side, but for those of you who prefer to try something new, then this restaurant could be for you. 


Visit Africola - 4 East Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8223 3885

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