Chef Dong

A new chinese restaurant has opened where Imperial Peking used to be .  It's called Chef Dong.  A completely new look together with the decor has made the restaurant look brighter and bigger.  I must say it was money well spent on the renovations, chairs, dining and lighting.  The menus were very new.  I felt like I was reading a book with a hard cover.  There was free flowing cold water all night.  I remember the waiter coming to fill up our glasses without the need of asking.  However there was a bit of a wait on the food.  Now knowing that this restaurant is the same owner as Fortuna Court on The Parade, we weren't expecting too much.  For those who have read my previous review of Fortuna Court it had left me with a bad impression.  Nevertheless we were looking forward to some more traditional Cantonese dishes but I think there was a big discrepancy. 

The vegetarian tofu rolls were burnt.  You could see from the two different colours.  Its ok if it is a little making it crispy but there was that burnt taste in my mouth.  Dislike. 

Next was the salt and pepper soft shell crab, and it looked burnt, yes it tasted burnt.  Was fresh oil used for cooking?  

I wanted to try the hot and sour soup, as each restaurant does the soup differently.  This one was no surprise. It was a little on the sour side for me. 

This restaurant pride themselves on their Fujian cuisine.  Therefore I had expected some fantastic noodle soup.  I ordered the wonton noodle soup, and OMG it was one of the worst noodle soup I have ever had.  The wontons had half a prawn wrapped inside the yellow skin, and the broth was a little bland.  The most shocking part was the noodles, they were all stuck together. 

A vegetarian dish we ordered was the spinach with preserved egg, loads of garlic on top, and little preserved egg.  It again lacked flavour. 

When we had finished our wonton noodles, the waitress saw our empty bowls.   When she delivered the next dish she just decided to walk off.  Clearly we didn't have enough room on the table and clearly the bowl had been finished with.  I had to ask another waiter to remove the empty bowl away so we could have some more space. 

The decor is great, looking very classy.  I am not sure if we had ordered the wrong menu items.  Perhaps their specialty dishes may have been better.  Sorry to say not one dish tonight has scored on the daisy scale.  


Visit Chef Dong - 103 Payneham Road, St Peters, SA 5069 - (08) 8362 8878

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