College Park Deli

When I think of Deli, I think of small grocery or convenience store.  I must say I have ridden past this cafe many times, but this was the first time I actually stopped by.  This was because I smelt the yummy bacon and eggs in the air. 

This little corner store cafe is located within minutes from the city, with only three outdoor tables as we got told by the owner.  The council has only allowed this.  It was very pleasant sitting outside and hearing the locals chat to the owner.  A regular cappuccino arrived in a tall cup, well for most cafes it would have been charged as a mug size.  Hey I wasn't complaining, the coffee was awesome. 

There is indoor seating with bar stools, and a simple breakfast menu written on the blackboard.  There are a few items for sale on the shelves too.  The staff were extremely friendly and often love to chat with you. They actually cook the bacon and eggs fresh on the stove right next to the cafe. 

Fresh crunchy bread roll served on a wooden board.  The egg was cooked to perfection. I took one bite and the egg yolk started running out.  The bacon was not burnt, it was just right.  Rocket and fresh tomato chutney.  I swear it's one of the best bacon and egg rolls I have ever had. 

I think I have found another great cafe to add to my list.  I know certainly where to go after my bike rides on the weekends for sure. 


Visit College Park Deli - 27 Torrens Street, College Park, SA 5069 - (08) 8362 1587

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