Another great find tonight in the suburb of Tranmere.  Travelling up Glynburn road and down one of the side streets, the restaurant is in the middle of nowhere, hidden amongst the houses.  Bibimbap caught my eyes as I am a big fan of Korean food.  Big signage at the front, when I think of Korean food I think of Bibimbap - rice that is mixed with various vegetables, meat, egg and chilli paste in a sizzling hot stone pot.  

It is a little quirky inside with a few wooden tables and chairs.  We were welcomed by the friendly staff and seated down near the window.  The menu was rather colourful on the outside, and there  were photographs of most of the dishes.  If you weren't sure, you could always refer to the pictures on the side. 

Kimchi pancake arrived at our table, and OMG it was huge, for $11 I think we got more than we asked for.  The pancake was not oily, it was so tasty with kimchi all over. 

Bibimbap arrived in a hot pot, but I wasn't sure if I had asked for the fried egg, normally I just like my egg cracked on top and let the hot stone cook the egg as I mix the rice through.  Nevertheless it tasted as good as it looked.  I would have liked more sauce, perhaps a squirt bottle where I could squeeze as much as I wanted. 

I also tried the beef short rib in a stew, it was steaming hot.  I have had beef ribs at other restaurants and they have been very oily, but not this one.  No oil floated on top and it didn't leave an oily after taste in my mouth.  I also had a bowl of steamed rice to go with this. 

Our eyes were bigger than our stomach, we forgot that there was also fried chicken also.  Thinly battered and lightly fried, deliciously good.  There was cabbage salad to go on the side also.  

I think I have found another hidden gem in the burbs, friendly service and awesome food which means I will be back to try out more from their menu.  Five daisies. 


Visit Bibimbap - 22 Reid Avenue, Tranmere, SA 5073 - (08) 7230 0548

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