GG's Cafe Dulwich

Always wondered where to go for breakfast or brunch on the weekend?  Perhaps you might want to try out this cafe.  It is right next to the Dulwich Bakery, a pretty good spot for a little cafe.  There was definitely more outdoor seating than indoors.  Inside, the seating was mostly for two people, however all the staff were extremely friendly and if you approach them with the number of guests they will certainly somehow put you in order.  

Check out the open egg omelette and the vibrant colours in this dish.  Fresh juicy tomatoes slightly cooked in herbs and cheesy omelette at the bottom.  It was light and deliciously good! 

The big breakfast had the lot - bacon, chorizo, mushrooms, wilted spinach and most importantly fluffy scrambled eggs.  The good thing about these scrambled eggs was that they don't use any butter to cook the eggs, and butter was only provided if you wanted to spread it on your toast. 

The salmon open grill was a winner.  Smoked salmon on toasted bread, salted olives with avocado and drizzled with a few drops of olive oil.  All my favourite ingredients were on that plate.  Now doesn't that look appetising to you?

The coffee? I must say took a while to arrive at our table.  Patrons were flowing in and all the floor staff were working hard.  All of them had big smiles on their face.  The service was amazing.  It's just that the outdoor tables were too small.  Well one of the staff actually apologised to us because the tables were too small.  The food was great and the service was exceptional and based on this note I shall be back. 


Visit GG's Cafe Dulwich - 68 Dulwich Avenue, Dulwich, SA 5065 - (08) 8354 1953

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