What used to be Pho Nam Vietnamese Restaurant has been replaced with a Korean Restaurant, named K-Bap.  This restaurant has been opened for about four months and is located on Kensington Road next to the Regal Cinema.  It has a simple open area with a few tables and chairs.  We were welcomed by the friendly owners and were offered some paper menus quickly.  Their dine in menu is the same as the take away menu.  There are a few dishes that are for dine in only.  

Mung bean pancake has always been one of my favourites, pan fried to perfection, crunchy and not oily at all.  

Soondubujjigae which was spicy soft tofu in a hot pot served with steamed rice.  The contents inside the pot was bubbling when it arrived at our table, it looked amazing.  The broth, what can I say? OMG it was one of the best, tastiest I have ever had.  The tofu had been soaked in the broth and just melted in my mouth.  One word - delicious, it topped all the hot pot tofu stew dishes that I have had in Adelaide.  

Bibimbap which is rice in a hot stone, rice at the bottom with vegetables, egg and beef arranged nicely on top.  I could hear it sizzle in the bottom of the hot stone.  I mixed the ingredients with the special sauce on the side. 

The owners were so friendly and service was attentive.  If you like Korean food, I mean authentic Korean food then I urge you to go and eat at K-Bap.  It is one of those restaurants that I will always go back to.  


Visit K-Bap - 267 Kensington Road, Kensington Park, SA 5068 - (08) 8332 5800

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