Thai Orchid Restaurant

I think I have found my favourite Thai restaurant in Adelaide.  Lucky we made a booking as the restaurant was packed.  It is situated in the best location, literally facing the beach.  We were seated down in a semi indoor area facing the beach and just in time for the beautiful sunset.  

Every table had sets of gold cutleries, yes these were a little heavier than our normal ones.  This made me feel as though I was actually in a Thai restaurant.  

I started off with a couple of soups, the Tom Khar Gai which was chicken in a coconut milk soup based with lime leaves and coriander.  Tom Yum Goong was the traditional Thai soup which was seasoned with lemongrass, lemon juice and coriander.  This one was a little spicier, but the flavours were just amazing.  The best Thai soups in Adelaide so far. 

Yum Talay

Yum Talay

At the same time, the seafood salad arrived at our table.  There were prawns, squid, mussels and scallops.  I could sniff the aromas of this dish.  The dressing was so good that I almost wanted to lick the plate. 

Gai Hor Bai Toey

Gai Hor Bai Toey

Chicken wrapped in pandan leaves served with chill sauce had always been one of my favourites.  The chicken was definitely smaller than the ones that I have had at other restaurants, but it is not all abut quantity it is the quality.  This one was definitely up there. 

Curry was a must order for me, and red duck curry stood out from the menu.  I have had duck at other restaurants, and they tend to use duck breast without the skin.  However Thai Orchid restaurant had thinly shredded duck pieces in the curry.  A little more fatty but still very tasty.  I could taste the lychee and basil in the curry. 

I liked the curry over the beef dish we ordered.  The presentation of the beef dish didn't look as promising.  It was cooked in a special blended sauce, the beef was a little chewy and way too much sauce for my liking. 

I think they were a little understaffed on the night, we had to wait a while before we got served, in the end we had to go up to the counter and wait to pay.  That wouldn't stop us from going back though, I would like to try out more from their menu next time. 


Visit Thai Orchid Restaurant - 225 The Esplanade, Henley Beach, SA 5022 - (08) 8353 4686

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