The Little Eastern

I found a new breakfast place called The Little Eastern on Magill Road.  It is a tiny cafe with only a few tables and chairs.  We must have walked in at the right time on a Sunday.  A table was available for four of us to sit at.  A Little Eastern serves Lebanese breakfasts all day, or should I say brunch.  There were a few nice choices to choose from.  Super friendly staff members whom liked to chit chat.  Apparently this little cafe has only been opened for two weeks and the responses have been great, a lot of locals have been going there.  Good friendly service is definitely one of the things that I look for when I dine in at a cafe or restaurant.  It always makes my dining experience a pleasure. 

It is definitely kids friendly.  They used recycled paper as their table cloths, and crayons were available on every table.  Therefore you can draw, write whatever you like on the table.  If your picture is good enough, they cut it out and paste it on their black wall. 

Green juice is my favourite breakfast drink at the moment.  I loved the green.  Kale, spinach, apple, cucumber, fresh mint and lemon all blended together.  It is so healthy and refreshing. 

Check out the coffee art, the barista takes his time preparing our coffees.  Yes the coffees were definitely thumbs up from me. 

We tried the baked eggs and traditional lebanese breakfasts. 

A closer look at the baked eggs, cooked in a capsicum salsa and sujuk ( a Turkish sausage) served with toasted organic sourdough bread.  Delicious!! 

Lebanese breakfast was like a big breakfast with scrambled eggs and sujuk served with lane (strained yoghurt), olives, fresh tomatoes, cucumber and organic Turkish bread.  Each element was served in a small white bowl.  Apparently the way to do it is to eat with your fingers?.  

All breakfasts were served on chopping boards. Everything showed attention to detail.  I can almost give this place five Daisy's.  Its just that the food took a while to come out.  If they can speed up the process, it is definitely worth five Daisy's.  This is one little cafe that I will keep coming back to. 


Visit The Little Eastern - 389 Magill Road, St Morrie, SA 5068 - (08) 8431 9061

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