We wanted to try something different so we decided to visit Hazara on The Parade.  We arrived early for dinner, so we were the first ones there.  There was a sign at the front which said Singapore and Indian food.  I supposed both cuisines have their similarities. 

I ordered a glass of red wine to begin with.  As I slowly browsed through their wine list, I noticed that their wines were not on the dear side at all.  The cover on the menu was very classy. 

The satay sticks were a delight to eat, for me the sauce was very important in a satay dish.  The beef was marinated very well, normally the satay sauce would be on top of the skewers already, but Hazara served the sauce on the side.  I could have had a little more of this sweet and spicy peanut sauce.  Yum!!

Beef vindaloo was a must order, tender pieces of meat in a tangy chilli tomato and tamarind base sauce.  If you like a spicy kick to your food, this is the dish to order.  We ordered some saffron rice, the best accompaniment with curry dishes. 

My favourite was the eggplant sambal.  The sauce was amazing, I finished the bowl by dipping my garlic naan bread into it. 

Hazara has a wonderful selection of Indian and Singaporean dishes to tempt your taste buds.  If you like Indian food, perhaps this is the place for you. 


Visit Hazara - 211A The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067 - (08) 8431 3333

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