Ryo's Noodles

Japanese is one of my favourite cuisines.  I finally had time to try out Ryo's noodles in Chinatown.  I really disliked the red curtains at the door.  It was too long and got in the way as I was entering and also leaving. 

When I walked inside, it was spot on lunch time and yet it wasn't busy.  I was told by a waitress to sit at one particular table and wasn't allowed to choose where I could sit.

Paper menus were used, and there were a few choices of ramen to choose from.  I had the miso ramen which consisted of roast pork, half an egg, bamboo shoots, roast pork, sesame seeds and topped with a big bunch of shallots.  The pork was a little dry for my liking, and the soup was just salty.  What happened to the flavours?   

I left Ryo's Noodles feeling a little disappointed.  I definitely won't be back in a hurry, this place is perhaps good for someone who hasn't been to Japan and tasted real ramen.  It was no Japanese ramen for me. 


Visit Ryo's Noodles - 78 Gouger Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 - (08) 8410 0752

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