I am always on a hunt to try out different types of food, and one of my favourite is baked eggs.  I have heard a lot of good things about this cafe and therefore on a cold winter's morning we decided to head for Modinetti.  This cafe is located on Henley Beach road, not very far from the city.  It is slightly opposite BWS and there is a sign right infront of the cafe.   A lot of people park their bikes outside to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and some have breakfast whilst they are riding to the beach.  It is only a small cafe, so it doesn't seat that many people.


There is a long history with this cafe, as you read through the menu there is a story behind it and it was quite interesting.  The family receipes were handed down generation after generation.  Domenic the owner opened up this cafe in 2011 and this is the food that he's been eating all his childhood.  He has brought the food to this cafe to share with us all.   


The food items were written on the blackboard, which was very easy to read.  You could go up and order at the counter, or they can take the order at your table and you can always pay later.  The coffee was very good, and the milk wasn't burnt.

Look at the colours on the plate. There were two eggs cracked into a rich tomato sauce and baked in the oven.  The tomato sauce was so tasty that you can taste the real tomatoes within the sauce.  The Egg yolk was nice and gooey, perfect to dipping the toast in.  The bread was amazingly crunching and it was tasty.  I couldn't fault this dish at all. 


Baked Eggs - Sugo

Baked Eggs - Sugo

The best baked eggs in Adelaide!!

Next was another type of baked eggs, this one was the Contadino.  The sauce was so flavoursome.  The creamy cannellini beans were cooked in a garlic and bay leaves broth, and it was delicious.  The addition of prosciutto and Italian sausages gave the whole dish extra flavour.  The presentation of this dish may not look as appealing as the others, but it was yummy!!  

Baked Eggs - Contadino

Baked Eggs - Contadino

Another hidden gem for breakfast in Adelaide.  Before we left, we got to speak to Dominic.  He was a lovely gentleman and he told us how the recipe was transferred down to him from his mother.  His mother's recipe which is a great success.  If you want some authentic Italian food, perhaps this is the right place for you.  We have enjoyed every part of it and definitely will be back very soon. 


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