British Raj - Festival of Food Adelaide 2013

It was a cold winters night, a few of us decided to have something warm.  Why not try some Indian food.  This restaurant is located half way between the Adelaide CBD and Henley Beach, and there is a big sign at the front of the restaurant.  We were welcome by a friendly staff member and she was quite new.  She simply had no idea when taking our orders that we were having festival of food despite the fact that we told her.  We did have our voucher with us.  She took our drinks order but failed deliver the correct wine.  Another waiter came to apologised to us and gave us the correct bottle of wine. 

There was not a great range of wines to choose from, GSM had always been one of my favourites.  The wines were not overly priced either.  


The food came out in a split of a second.  Naan bread was fresh off the tandoor, they were nice and warm.  However the cheese in them were quite filling.  Entrees were followed not long after.  The entrees consisted of chicken pieces marinated in special spices.  The meat was nice and tender, very tasty.  Prawn were marinated with coriander, garlic and lemon.  Both the chicken and the prawns were cooked in a tandoor - a claypot oven.  The potato balls were full of spices and were chili.  

Chicken Tikka  Citrus and garlic prawn  Aloo Tikki

Chicken Tikka

Citrus and garlic prawn

Aloo Tikki

We ordered a few mains to share, it was the best way to eat Indian food.  They were all in small bowls or plates.  A little tip for when eating Indian food is not to over order, don't be deceived by the size of the dishes, they may be served in small bowls yet they are very filling.  Chicken Jalfrezy was part of the FOF menu, it consisted of chicken cooked with capsicum, tomatoes and onions in special spices.  I could see and taste the chili in this dish.  The chicken was chopped up to small bit, almost tasted like they were minced.  I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be the case.

Beef Vindaloo was ordered from the alacarte menu.  It was a very common dish, there were big chunks in a hot and spicy sauce.  This was the hottest dish for the night, do order this dish if you want a special kick.  

Saag Paneer was cottage cheese covered in pureed spinach.  Surely enough you could see the freshness of the spinach, and once you stirred the bowl you could see the cubes of cottage cheese.  It was unusual but quite tasty.  All the dishes served with rice and raita.  

Last but not least, there was the Prawn Masala which was prawns in a ginger, garlic, cardamom and curry leaf.  There were on a spoonful of prawns in the dish, the sauce was great to pour over the rice. 

Super chilli Beef Vindaloo!! 


Overall all the dishes were enjoyable to eat, but our eyes were bigger than our tummies.  There were a few things left over, as they were all very filling.  Lucky for dessert it was only petite fours.  Nothing wow about those chocolates, they were hazelnut filled chocolates, just the right size after a full meal. 

Home made petit four

Home made petit four

This restaurant was definitely better than the other Raffles 125 in this year's FOF.  British Raj allows you to order your take aways online and even provide deliveries to certain suburbs.  Now not very many restaurants have that option. The staff were very friendly, the food was authentic, the restaurant is definitely in a convenient location, we were surprised that there were not many patrons tonight.  We had an enjoyable time there tonight. 


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Festival of Food 2013 Voucher, for $25.50 per person entitles you to have: - A set entree - A main course up to the value of $25.50. For the mains above $25.50, just pay the extra price difference.