A few ways to save when dining in Adelaide

Ever thought of wanting to eat nice meals without coming out of a restaurant or a café with a hole in your wallet?  Well it’s easy.. here are just a few ways that you can save some money whilst dining out…



The Entertainment Book contains hundreds of valuable 'up to 50% off' and '2-for-1' offers.  There is a gold card for the fine dining section and hundreds of vouchers for cafes, restaurants, arts, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel and much more.  It is only $65 and you have a whole year to use it, starting from first of july every year.

The Books are sold by community groups, schools and other organisations as a means of raising funds for their causes.  Contact me if you would like to purchase a book.

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These split the bill discount coupons appear in the advertiser Monday to Friday from june 3 to September 6.  Start collecting these original coupons and save.  There are 56 restaurants and hotels that participate in this promotion.  Enjoy half price main courses, of course there is a maximum that each couple can claim. 

It does not include drinks. A corkage charge may apply to BYO drinks. Other exclusions such as seafood may apply. Check with participating restaurants for full terms and conditions.

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Every year from early June to end of November, there are vouchers that are posted into letterboxes all around Adelaide, or sent out to your home via the Adelaide Advertiser.   Sometimes the restaurants will post them out to different areas at different times of the months.  There are a few restaurants that are involved, and always new ones every year.   Basically the restaurants present you with a festival of foods menu.  This usually consists of a set entrée, a few main courses to choose from and a set dessert.  All for a very reasonable price, a price that you would not pay normally for an entrée, main or dessert.  For a little bit extra, you can pick any other main courses from the alacarte menu, and all the desserts that are normally on the menu, would be half price.  It is definitely a bargain. 

Everytime when you go the restaurant on the voucher, you will receive a festival of foods stamp.  Once all the stamps are full on your voucher, you’re entitled to spend $100 of food at which ever restaurant you like on the voucher.  I absolutely love it, as half of these restaurants are all fine dining.  You cannot buy these festival of foods vouchers.  Just look out for them in the letterbox.


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The Ambassador Card is Australia's premier member benefits programme.  This is your key to savings at more than 1,650 restaurants including fine dining, accommodation and travel offers, hotels, cinemas and attractions. Use your membership card to access savings nationally in Australia.  A lot of them are 2 for 1 offers too.  This is just one that I have for my work, I am sure you will have other associations that provide you with these benefits.  Do take a look as there are a lot of discounts in there. 


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One of the biggest expense is wine, so why not bring your own bottle?  A lot of the restaurants allow you to BYO at a fraction of the cost.  However do check with the restaurant beforehand.

A bit here and a bit there will help you save a lot.

Please make suggestion if you have any ideas to dine at a discount.  I would love to hear from you!!