Creperie Bruxelles

I can't believe I have missed this cafe, even though I go down to Henley Beach Road quite often.  I have heard about this cafe through word of mouth, and decided to go there today.  This cafe is tucked away in between shops, but there is a sign at the front, so it's not hard to find at all.  

It was pouring with rain, the thunder and lightning just made us want to go in and have something to warm our tummies.  


There are not very many tables and chairs, and it was a very comfortable place to sit in.  There are many decorations around the wall, even a bike was mounted on the front wall.  My favourite part of the cafe was the front counter where there waiter was standing.  It was basically the front of an old tram and of course it said Henley Beach.  I thought that was very unique.   

Both the flat white and cappuccino were nice and warm, sometimes I wonder if people know the difference between the two.  Both the flat white and cappuccino looked the same to me, except the cappuccino had the extra chocolate topping at the top.  I thought the cappuccino was supposed to have 1/3 milk and 1/3 milk and the last 1/3 should be foam.  To me both coffee probably had 1/3 espresso and 2/3 of hot milk, somewhat similar to a latte.  Nevertheless, the coffee was very pleasant to drink and did warm our stomachs up very quickly.


The home of poffertjes in Adelaide!!

I couldn't resist from myself from ordering poffertjes from the menu.  I used to eat them all the time at the Royal Adelaide Show, remember them at a special truck and then every year they seem to move and it was like playing hide and seek.  I would be so happy every time I see them.  I would be sharing a serve with some one, but this time I got to order and have a whole one all to myself.  I was very satisfied.  The dutch pancakes were so fluffy, so nice and warm and very delicious to eat.  I had it with the bruxelles syrup.  Together with the cinnamon, the warm poffertjes just melted in my mouth.  They were very awesome!!


Next was the banana and caramel waffle, needless to say, the picture tells it all.  The waffle was not hard as it was made fresh on the spot.  Not only the presentation of this waffle looked amazing, but the chocolate sauce together with the caramel that was drizzled on top made the whole dessert heavenly , it was finger licking good.  I would come back to eat the poffertjes any day. 


Visit Creperie Bruxelles - 70 Henley Beach Road, Mile End, SA 5031, (08) 83543617

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