Mandoo Korean Dumplings - A revisit!

There's nothing better to do than to dine in at Mandoo Dumplings on a cold night.  We arrived there during dinner time and were welcomed by the owner Dikong.  The restaurant was pretty much full house, and we were lucky to be seated down at a table near the window.  We noticed that Pete Evans from 'My Kitchen Rules' had been here before, and he commented that Mandoo has the best Korean food in Australia.  I agree.

Best Korean food in town!!

We have tried a lot of the items on the menu before, but there's no better choice than to have a hot pot on this cold winter's night.  Again we were offered some side dishes to begin with, these vary each time we are there. 

There were seaweed salad, kimchi, pickled cucumbers.  A very nice way to open up my appetite.

The portable gas cooker arrived at our table, these are very handy if you want to do a hot pot at home yourself.  The hot pot full of food arrived at our table, and it was gigantic.  It was easily enough to share between three people.  They recommend sharing between two and that was more than enough.  The broth was very tasty, there was beef, mushrooms, glass noodles dumplings, carrots, bok choy and a few different types of dumplings in it.  It was nice that it was not all cooked.  You had to cook it yourself, but that wasn't hard work at all.  At least, it gave us time to digest the food in between and that made the meal more enjoyable.  I must commend them on their dumplings.  The skin was nice and thin, and the stuffing inside was just so flavoursome.  The glass noodles absorbed the richness of the broth and that made them even more tasty.  It was like having noodle soup, but bowls and bowls of it.  



Once again, it was a pleasant experience.  I strongly recommend this restaurant, the quality of the food is just awesome, we have been back many times and the standard has always been beyond our expectations.  I do recommend you make a reservation beforehand, as it is always busy and there are limited tables and chairs in the restaurant.  Our tummies were definitely full after this meal.  We will be back very soon.  


Visit Mandoo - Shop 3, 23 Bank Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, (08) 8231 3303

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