Piccolo's Bistro & Espresso Lounge

This place was located on Portrush Road, and we have driven by it many times.  It wasn't until had a scoopon deal that we decided to dine at this bistro.  There was nothing fancy about the entrance into the bistro.  However, as soon as we walked in, we thought we were in the 1980s in a country town, a good thing!  

We were welcomed by a young lad very quickly, and he sat us down quickly.  We noticed that there was free wifi in the bistro, all you needed was the password which was on the table.  The bistro was big enough that we could take a few minutes to walk around and look at all the decorations. 

Back to the 80s!!

There was definitely character in this place, it wasn't dull at all, there were so many interesting things to look at.  All the tables were different, and I couldn't see a chair that was the same.   

We started off with a couple of coffees.  They were pretty good.  It wasn't before a gentleman came to take our orders for food.  There were a few choices to choose from the scoopon deal.  We decided to have the pancakes.  It was served with thick vanilla cream and maple syrup.  The pancake was a little dry for my liking.  

Bacon and eggs were popular according the gentleman.  Yes it was enjoyable to eat.  The bacon was nice and fresh, eggs were poached perfectly with the runny yolk and the sourdough was crunchy.  It would have been better there were some mushrooms or tomatoes.  

The service was great, there was a guy which I believe was the owner and another lad.  He was very courteous and was checking up on us a couple of times if we needed anything. 


Without scoopon, we wouldn't have known that this bistro existed.  Although the food didn't resemble the pictures that were on the scoopon website.  Next time, I would like to go back and try out more from their menu. 


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