The Coffee Barun

I decided to visit this cafe in Prospect.   I have heard many good things about it, so we decided to go there for breakfast on a Saturday.  As you can imagine, all the cafes are  busy on weekends.  However we managed to get a table very quickly.  It was full house, an open kitchen, with plenty of staff on the floor.  There was a coffee roaster on the right side of the Cafe.  Also there is kids playing area right behind where we were sitting, so it was very family friendly.  

I hear that a lot of Cafes use Barun coffee because it's of good quality, and what good is a Cafe when you can't get good coffee?  We could smell the coffee as soon as we walked into the Cafe. 

We were definitely not disappointed with the coffee, it not only looked good, whether it was a cappuccino or a flat white,   I could taste the coffee beans.  I think I found another good coffee place to add to my list.  It wasn't burnt for a start and you could actually taste the coffee. 



It was a cold morning, and food did not take long to arrive at our table.  There was a great range of breakfasts to choose from.  The price for breakfast was at a higher end, therefore I expect a decent plate of food.  However, I was somewhat disappointed with what I ordered.  



This was the smoked salmon roulade.  It looked very nice, but the servings were way too small.  An egg was poached nicely, I could see and taste the smoked salmon.  Salmon always work well with cream cheese, not sure about the pancetta either, and for $16.50 it just wasn't up to my standard. 


Then there was the big breakfast.  It was well presented.  There was pretty much one of everything, the standard bacon, sausage, an egg, roasted mushroom, tomato, rosti with toast.  



Delicious homemade beans!!


The homestyle baked beans are definitely worth a mention.  They were the best homemade beans I have ever had in Adelaide for breakfast.  I wasn't a big fan of the pancetta wafers, but the beans with the grilled flat bread just took me away.  I drizzled with tabasco sauce and omg, they were devine!


I would have liked to see a little bit more on the plate, but overall it was a pleasant experience.  I would like to go back and try the burgers someday as they all sound very appertising. 


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