I remembered coming to this cafe for the first time when the large Marion shopping centre was first opened.  After that we have been back a few times, but the food has been inconsistent.  It is located in a very convenient location inside the shopping centre, a family and kids friendly restaurant with seats both indoors and outdoors. 

Bare in mind that there are not many restaurants inside the Marion shopping centre.  This one was right underneath the cinemas, otherwise there are food courts or a few coffee shops around.  A lot of restaurants have opened and then closed, with Spargos standing for a long time.  They have pasta specials on weekdays, and buy one get one.  The prices aren't too expensive either.  Being a Thursday night, late night shopping, there were lots of people in the cafe. 

There is a wood oven right in the middle of the cafe and they do serve pretty good pizzas.  I love a thin crusted pizza any day.  For a wood oven, the crust should have been super crispy, but to my disappointment, it wasn't.  There were a lot of bacon bits on my pizza, chunks of succulent chicken, at least it wasn't overloaded with sauce.  The big pizza was enough to share between a few people.


Pasta looked amazing!!

There was a wide range of pastas to choose from.  I would have liked to see spaghetti marinara.  Once upon a time they did have that on the menu but that got taken away.  Linguine Luciana looked amazingly good, however I was a little disappointed, seemed like the chef forgot to add salt, it was tasteless.  I had to put a lot of salt and pepper in it.  There were chunks of salmon, a lot of prawns, and a couple of scallops in a nice rose sauce so the pasta was a pass for me. 


This is a place to be when you have kids, or if you want a quick meal before the movies.  Spargos offer special movie and meal deals too.   It is not a romantic dining restaurant as it is inside the shopping centre and can get quite noisy.



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Discounts: ENTERTAINMENT BOOK - VOUCHER, 25% off the total bill.