The Store

Sunday morning and not sure where to go for breakfast, try this Cafe on Melbourne Street.  You can't miss it.  It's located on the corner opposite the Lion Hotel, there are always people sitting outside.  I think it must have been a while since I've last been there.  Since last time, there have been some renovations. It seemed bigger.  There is clearly an American feel to it, booths on the other side, full of pictures, open kitchen and high tables and stools.  


We had made a booking the day prior, apparently if you don't make a booking, it's very hard to get a table.  When we walked into the cafe, it was full of people.  We sat down at the booth and I could smell the aroma of the coffee.  I couldn't wait, as my tummy was making a rumbling noise.  The breakfast menu was very simple with a few choices to choose from.  There were also specials written on the whiteboard.  The friendly waitress came to our table and kindly explained the specials menu to us.  A bit like the bistro style, we had to go up to the front counter and order our meals.  

You can't go wrong with a big breakfast.  It's a bit of everything on a big plate.  For $23, this breakfast at 'The Store' was more than enough to share between two people.  We decide to have fried eggs this time, hashbrown, bacon, roasted tomatoes.  The spinach was slightly sautéed, which was beautiful.  I don't like spinach when they are raw on the plate.  However, the mushrooms with thyme were a little too buttery for my liking.  The sourdough was good though. 

The special omelette was delicious.  The goat cheese was strong, but not over powering, and it penetrated through the whole omelette.  The roasted capsicum and the fresh tomatoes gave the omelette a full bodied flavour.  I liked it. 

Last but not least, my favourite was the Eggs Benedict with ham.  This breakfast looked delicious.  It was mouth watering and almost looked too nice to eat.  The Hollandaise sauce was very well done, very rich full of egg yolk and butter.  The spinach was sauteed beautifully.  However I was a little disappointed with the poached eggs, as soon as I cut opened one, the egg yolk did not ooze out.  In fact I thought it was probably 30 seconds too overcooked.  Everything else was perfect on the plate. 

Eggs Benedict was very mouth watering!!


Overall, the prices for these breakfasts were pretty reasonable, the big breakfast was on the expensive side.  Apart from that, the service and the quality of the food were  good and we walked out of the Cafe satisfied.  


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Discounts: ENTERTAINMENT BOOK - VOUCHER, 25% off the total bill.