Ga Bin Restaurant

This restaurant is located right on the corner of Grote Street and Morphett Street.  It is very close to Chinatown.  A few months back, I thought this restaurant was going to close.  Everytime I went past it was empty, but now this is not the case.   Whether it is a weekday or a weekend, this restaurant always had customers.  I must say we have been there a couple of times now, and the food was pretty good.

The restaurant is open, and so as soon as you walk in, you can see the whole restaurant.   If you want to have a private function, there are a couple of tables that are surrounded with dividers. 



Rice tea had always been a good drink to go with Korean food, however in a big teapot, we were given one teabag, after pouring a few cups, it was tasteless.  That was disappointing.  I had to return to the waiter and in turn he gave us two teabags in one pot.  

I always enjoy having a kimchijeon, which is korean pancake made of sliced kimchi (preserved vegetables), flour batter, served with special sauce.  This pancake wasn't so favorsome, I couldn't taste much of the kimchi.  I have had better kimchi pancakes elsewhere.  There were side dishes free of charge and you can have as many plates as you please.  They consisted of sweet potatoes, kimchi, sprouts, dried tomatoes.  



On the other hand, the chicken mince dumplings were quite yummy, it was garlicky which I liked.  The skin was not thick like other dumplings, one serve was just enough to open up my stomach.   


The kimchi hot pot was missing something, the chinese cabbage were shredded slightly bit too much.  Sometimes I think it is better to have less but good quality than to pile the pot with too much.  It was very chili as is supposed to be.  A very good dish to have with rice on a cold winters night.  


Chicken soup with ginseng was the best!!

My favourite hot pot for the night was the sticky rice stuffed inside a chicken with ginseng soup.  I could just eat that all by myself and it would be a meal itself.  The chicken just melted in my mouth, the meet was so tender, and then when I bit into the chicken I can taste the rice.  The soup was just full of taste of chicken, after one mouth full you just want to finish off the whole pot.  As listed on the menu, there was no msg in any of the food, which is very good.  A lot of the restaurants do put msg in it, and then after you finish your meal, you will feel very thirsty.  With this soup, I definitely didn't.   


Next was the bimbimbab, again one of my favorites.  This is a typical Korean dish, it really means mixed rice.  This tasted as good as it looked.   It was served in a hot stone bowl with white rice.  It was topped with vegetables, seaweed, a fried egg.  They gave us a bowl with chili pepper paste.  The stone bowl was bowling hot, and we poured the sauce in and mixed the rice and all the ingredients all up.  We could hear the stone bowl sizzle, as it was still cooking within the bowl.  If you leave the rice in the bowl for long enough, you can taste the slightly burnt rice which is sometimes pleasant to eat.  

I also tried the home made noodles with black bean sauce,  I couldn't taste much of the black bean.  In fact all I could taste was sweet sauce and onion.  The sauce was thick and gooey.  The noodles could not be transferred from one bowl to another without going to great difficulties.  The length of the noodles were never ending, it made the noodles harder to share.  It was an interesting dish to eat.  

Overall it was a pleasant dinner experience.   The food was pretty tasty and price was reasonable.  However, there are other Korean options in Adelaide. 


Visit Ga Bin Restaurant - 144 Grote Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, (08) 8231 9996

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