Cam Wah Chinese and Vietnamese Restaurant

If you want inexpensive authentic Chinese and Vietnamese food, this is the place to go.  There is nothing fancy about the outside of the restaurant nor the inside, but that doesn't matter. It is one of the restaurants that we always go to and each time we leave, we are left very happy and contented. 

This restaurant has been around for ages, and the owner has always been there.  He serves us every single time.  In fact he is so good that he remembers our usual orders everytime.  


The best Dầu Cha Quẩy and Bánh tiêu in town!!

The Dầu Cha Quẩy (Fried Chinese Curlers) and the Bánh tiêu (Chinese Savoury Pancake) were so tasty, they are made to order and cooked on the spot, so therefore when they arrived at our table, they were still very hot.



For drinks, you must try the Vietnamese coffee.  They give you a glass full of ice, and a separate glass with little amount of condense milk at the bottom, the coffee goes through the strainer into the condense milk, after a while you pour the whole glass into the ice to drink. 

The food took longer than usual today.  There was so many people and only one person on the floor - the owner.  He had to do everything, nevertheless, the braised sliced beef satay with egg noodles was full of taste.  When the sauce was mixed in with the noodles, the taste was really to die for.  Steamed duck must have been prepared for a long time before it was served.  It worked with the egg noodles.  Egg noodles soup with roast pork was simple but tasty.  Egg noodles soup with stewed beef was different, I have always had the stewed beef the Chinese way.  There were big chunks of tasty beef with the noodles, all made fresh.

It doesn't matter whether is summer or winter, the restaurant is always full of people.  The restaurant owners are Vietnamese, and of course I have spoken to a lot of my Vietnamese friends, they have also commended this restaurant.  I would go and eat at the restaurant anytime. 


Visit Cam Wah - 33 Kilkenny Road, Woodville Park, SA 5011, (08) 8445 2617

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