Argo on the Parade

There are two Argo Cafe's in Adelaide, one in Victoria square in the Adelaide CBD and the other one is located in Norwood.  Yes the name says it all.  It is located on the convenient Parade. 

A few weeks back, after our running session on a Saturday, we decided to go and try out  Argo on the Parade.  It is always full of customers inside with other people lining up outside.  You can't miss it on the Parade as it is very colourful inside and out.  The Cafe itself is quite big, and there are at least 15 people working on the floor and behind the counter, not including the kitchen. 

There were pages and pages to choose from the menu.  There were classic plates, sandwiches, specialty breakfasts and breakfast-desserts.  Certainly there was nothing wrong with that.  It just took a while before we could decide what to order.  We were approached by friendly staff member, she took our order and although it was super busy, our food did not take long to arrive at our table.  



There were so many freshly squeezed juices to choose from.  I was impressed.  I decided to have the 5th element, which consisted of carrot, celery, beetroot, lemon and ginger.  That was pretty good, just what I needed after my run.  Then there was coffee, I always prefer my cappuccino at a Cafe. It was rather good.  The coffees all came in colourful cups.



Next, I had the Salmon Brioche.  The poached eggs were cooked beautifully, the egg yolk came running onto the brioche and it just melted in my mouth.  Together with the goat's milk cheese, spinach leaves, topped with hollandaise sauce, it was a gastronomic delight.

Gigantic burger!!

Next was what we said OMG, the argus burger!! It was absolutely gigantic, I had to dismantle it before I could fit it into my mouth.  It consisted of Argo kufta patty, a fried egg, sauteed mushroom, chargrilled capsicum, swiss cheese, baby spinach, relish and BBQ sauce.


We were quite full after this meal and certainly didn't require lunch.  The price for everything was all acceptable, and we definitely got what we paid for.   At the back of the Cafe, there was merchandise that we could purchase to make home brew coffee.  There were also some lovely teapots and cups for sale. 

Overall it was a pleasant experience and we will be back to try more from the menu.



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