The Tap Inn

I am not sure why this restaurant is rated so low on urbanspoon.  It is on the far end of Rundle Street, a pub/ restaurant in a very convenient location.  I remembered having a Christmas function in the beer garden inside.  It was a multilevel sand bunker garden, absolutely great for socialising.  We also played golf there last time.

This time we dined at the Birdies Restaurant on a Sunday night.  We had to walk through an indoor driving range to get to the restaurant.  It was a bizzare view.  However I was pretty amazed with the different taps that were on the wall near the entrance.  The decorations are spectacular.


As soon as we entered into the restaurant, we could see Ken Duncan pictures all around the restaurant, my favourite photographer.   The seats were wide and comfortable.  The menu had a decent range of tapas, and modern Australian food to choose from, wine list was also extensive too.  


Salt and pepper crocodile meat was the first dish we ordered, I have had crocodile meat many times before, this one sliced very thinly but not much taste to it. 



Next was the typical pub food meal, fish and chips.  The fish fillets were flat heads, they were very fresh.  The menu in the birdies restaurant and at the beer garden were the same, I would have liked to to be different, as the name says beer garden should have pub food and Birdies Restaurant should have some food that is classified as fine dining.  


Succulent rib eye steak!! 


The aged rib eye steak was cooked to perfection, the meat was so tender, and the potatoes were very tasty too

One of the specials was the rigoni with lamb, now this was awesome.  Throughout the dish, there were big chucks of lamb meat.  It was super moist and tender and it was super tasty.  It was topped with rocket.  I have never been a big fan of rocket.  However with this pasta, I actually liked it.  Another dish from the special menu was the salmon.  The skin was nice and crispy, and the salmon was not overcooked.  It was just right.

For some reason, when we dined it was in the entertainment book as buy one meal and receive a complimentary main course free.  However we were informed that there was only 25% off the desserts, which was contrary of what was advertised on the entertainment book website.  I showed the waitress the website, but she said that discount can only be taken off the desserts.  We were disappointed, not so much the food, but the service was lacking there of. 

Despite all that, the food was above average and was definitely a good experience. 


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Discounts: ENTERTAINMENT CARD - 25% off the total bill (not available at the moment until further notice from the restaurant)