A Mother's Milk

This Cafe is located very close to one of my favourite Cafes on Unley Road.  It has a simple sign right at the front, a few tables and seats on the outside of the Cafe.   There were only a few table and seats inside of the Cafe, a few more at the back.  We were welcome by a friendly staff member and she took us to a table straight away.  The tables were rather small.  There were four of us who went that morning, and we felt slightly squished.  Also the tables rocked a little, and when everyone had their food on the table, there was hardly any room left for anything.  

In saying that, they served freshly squeezed juices!!  That was a plus for me, as I love a fresh tasty juice in the morning for breakfast.  One was not enough, so I decided to order the two.  One was apple and pear, the other one was ginger and carrot.  Both of which were very refreshing.  I did prefer the apple and pear one.

Freshly squeezed juices!!


The coffee was ok, coffee art was good.  However it wasn't strong enough for my liking, I could taste more milk than coffee. 


Baked eggs with sauce has always been my favourite for breakfasts, so as soon as I saw this on the menu, I wanted it.  The eggs were slightly overcooked, they must have forgotten the time when the dish was being brought out to us, that the eggs in the pan would still be cooking.  

The menu offered a lot of vegan options, the avocado spread on sourdough was just too simple.  Avocadoes were very fresh and when sprinkled with some nuts made it sweet.  Next was the sardines.  Normally I wouldn't order sardines for anything.  However this one on the menu caught my eyes.  I never knew that sardines could be so tasty on toasted bread with onions and parsley.  Then there was the BLT with the bacon and an egg.  Normally a lot of Cafes would serve two eggs on breakfasts, but here you had to order the egg separately.  

On a whole, the price of breakfast was not pricey at all.  In fact they were at least a few dollars cheaper than most Cafes, yet the standards were still as high. 

I would come back again to this Cafe and in fact I already did, two days in a row.   This Cafe has potential.  It hasn't been opened for long, in fact only in January this year.  Again this Cafe does not offer any bookings, so be sure to go there early, especially on weekends to avoid disappointments.


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