Hotel Tivoli

This pub/ restaurant is easily missed, as it is sort of hidden from the busy Rundle Street.  There was nothing spectacular outside the hotel, just a sign that read 'Hotel Tivoli'.  As soon as we stepped inside, we were impressed with the decor.  There was a bar section for just mingling, drinks, and a few couches for sitting down to enjoy some pub food.  We went to try the pub food a few months ago, from memory the tacos were quite tasty.  This time we went to try the restaurant which was at the back of the bar.  We noticed there was another section upstairs for private function.

The interior decorations for the restaurant were very interesting, appearing very high class.  Perfect if you want to have a romantic dinner.  

The waitressess there were quite friendly, as we made a booking beforehand, so we were taken to our table very quickly.  The menu was on a sheet of A3 paper, food on the front and drinks at the back.  There was a nice range of wines, cocktails to choose from, also not overly priced either.  We had a bottle of the Teusner.


The wine was beautiful.  As we were waiting and looking at the menu, we looked around, and it was a really beautiful restaurant.  

What I disliked about the restaurant was the lights.  They were way too dim, it really makes you want to fall asleep,  just a touch brighter would bring out the restaurant's class even better.  

One of our friends ordered a medium steak, but was very disappointed.  It was cooked well done, and there was nothing special about the steak, with the dark lighting, you could not see the food properly, but as soon as he bit into the steak, it was very chewy.  The waitress did come and ask us how the food was, and we told her at the end that the steak was well done, we weren't going to wait for another half hour for the steak when every else have already got their food.  However, the paella is worth a mention.  Paella is one of my favourite food, I had the seafood one this time, full of white fish fillets, cuttlefish, prawns, mussels, cherry tomatoes and zucchini, it was amazingly good.

One of the best Paellas in town!!


I would go back for Paella any day, overall it was a nice dining experience.


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Discounts: ENTERTAINMENT CARD VOUCHER - One complimentary main course when another main course of equal or greater value is purchased.