From Orient

This restaurant is located on a quiet street. I have heard that this restaurant has won a lot of awards.  We decided to give it a go.  This restaurant certainly didn't disappoint us.  There was another wedding function on upstairs, so we were offered a table downstairs in the middle of the restaurant.  The ambience was authentic chinese with a modern feel.  Although the lights were dimmed, there was a light shining on top of us at each table.  We could see our dishes very clearly.  Their wine list was pretty comprehensive, featured Teusner's winery and all the wines were very reasonably priced.  In fact somewhat on the cheaper side, especially for a fine dining restaurant like this one.  The menu was easy to read, with a decent range of dishes to choose from.  I must say the food was on the higher price end.  Spring rolls were very interesting, but tasted great and they were full of tofu inside, I must say this was the first time I ate spring rolls like this.  Next were the quails.  They were marinated so well, not oily but super tasty.  This was followed by a cold entree, spinach with sesame oil.  The flavours were just beautiful, together with the pine nuts was a perfect way to complete the dish

Best quails in town

“Shui Zhu Yu” was one of the highlights of the night, if you like spicy food, I strongly recommend this dish.  It consisted of sliced fish fillets drowned in a chilli and green peppercorn broth, together with bean sprouts.  A well known Sichuan dish, layers of spices, made with three special types of imported chilies.  Of course we didn't eat the chillies, we may have eaten a few peppercorns.  The friendly staff member who served us kindly removed the excess oil and the chilli for us into another bowl for us at the table. 

Rather than having steamed rice, we thought we would try something different.  The special from orient fried rice with pickled vegetables were great, more than enough to share with a group of people.  Tofu clay pot was very tasty too.

We could't leave the restaurant without having any desserts.  Almond tofu with granita was very refreshing, my favourite was the chilled coconut parfait sandwich, absolutely devine!! 

All the dishes were presented very nicely.  On top of all that, friendly staff service and the standards of the food definitely worth 5 out of 5 daisies.