Gekkazan @ GPO - Melbourne

I have been to this restaurant numerous times, thought it's worth while to blog about.  This restaurant is very centrally located, in the beautiful GPO precinct right in the heart of Melbourne CBD.  


Why not begin with some green tea?  If one cup is not enough then top yourself up with as many cups as you want.

There was not much space to sit down, a few outdoor tables right at the front and also on the side of the restaurant.  There were many people who just came for take away.  Many restaurants or sushi train places pre wrap the handrolls in seaweed for you.  By the time you bite into the seaweed, they can be chewy or soggy.  If you dine in at Gekkazan, you will not have this problem, the seaweed is wrapped in plastic. It is not until you are ready to eat, that you roll your own handroll.  There are instructions on the packet, and trust me it is very easy to do.  This method should be brought across to Adelaide, then all the sushi we have would be nice and fresh, doesn't matter if you dine in or take away.

Self rolled sushi to keep seaweed nice and crispy

We tried the basic salmon and avocado handroll, and the salmon was very fresh and rice was great, rice vinegar was just the right amount so you cannot taste the sourless in it.


Vegetable udon was very tasty, miso soup wasn't salty.  Chiasu ramen actually had decent pieces of pork in it.  Sukiyaki beef don was also worth mentioning.  It was on the pricier side, but I thought it was worth it.

Servings were very generous, easily filling  our tummies, I do recommend this place for dine in or if you want to grab a few sushi rolls to take away and have later.


Visit Gekkazan @ GPO - Shop 28g Postal Lane 350 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000, (03) 96637767

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