Coopers Ale House

This pub / restaurant has been around for a while, and I have been here previously on several occasions.  It is situated right on the corner of Pulteney and Carrington Street, in the heart of Adelaide CBD.  It has a pub area where there are big TV screen in the bar section.  You can  easily enjoy some beers whilst watching sports on the big screens.  There is a restaurant area, a section where there is a wood oven or on the other side which is in a slightly bigger area.  Otherwise, there is a function area upstairs with a balcony. 

When we stepped into the restaurant, we were called by the waitress to stop right where we were, despite there was no one in the restaurant.  We were not greeted but instead she asked how many people straight away.  She did not smile much, not a good way to attract customers.   


We sat on the side where there was a wood oven.  I have always wanted a wood oven for my pizzas, and this one is just what I need.  We had ordered a crusty loaf, but it was only after the main course that we asked where it was.  She totally forgot the order.   The bread itself was nice though, nice and crusty, just what I expected after it was cooked in a wood oven.


The biggest schnitzel ever!!

Schnitzel on the other hand was very tasty,  it was gigantic!  there were two sizes that we could choose from, the 300 grams or the 600 grams.  They were served with chips, and the 600 grams could easily be shared between two people, and this was what we had, topped with pepper sauce.  They had an offer, if you purchased a 600 gram schnitzel, you can get a stamp, and once you get 8 stamps, you can join the membership and be on the honour roll.  You can also enjoy a free drink every time with you schnitzel purchase.  

The food was not too expensive, I have been there for other occasions and all was pleasant experiences.  However this time, I thought it was good, but definitely lacked  good customer service.


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