Chanay Restaurant

This restaurant is situated in Adelaide's Chinatown, we dined there once when it  first opened.  It was not a good experience and we said to ourselves that we would not go back there again.  However we have heard mixed reviews about this restaurant, so we decided to give it another go.  The afteroon tea menu started from 2:30-5:30, and we arrived just around 4pm so it was the perfect time to choose from the menu.  There just wasn't English written on the special menu. 

How good is that?  To my surprise -  they were not bad.  I think they have lifted their game and definitely back in business.  


I started off with my favourite milk tea, that was pretty good.  I asked for less sweet, otherwise they would put a lot of condense milk in it. 

Cheap eats for afternoon tea!!

Although the sandwich wasn't on the specials menu, I felt like ordering it anyway.  It was a little different to the sandwiches I have had, should have used sliced ham, more shredded lettuce and thinner egg slices.  Beef brisket in noodles was very nice though, we also had the shredded pork with vermicelli and preserved vegetable.  Baked chees with pork chop rice was nice too, pork wasn't hard, in fact it was quite tender.  A dish with a hot drink for less than $10. You can't get better than that.  The sizes of the dishes were quite reasonable too.  

For the quality of the food, it is definitely money for value.  Do pop in here for a quick bite. 


Visit Chanay Restaurant - 108 Gouger Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, (08) 82319698

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