Red Berry Espresso


I have heard a lot of good comments about this cafe, so I thought I would make a trip there.  It was lucky I did, because I had a cup of the best cappuccino.  The little coffee shop is just off Greenhill Road, plenty of parking spaces on either side of the shop, or on the wide street.  We arrived there just after four on a Friday afternoon, not knowing that the cafe closes at 4pm.  We were welcomed by a very nice man behind the counter.  He kindly let us in and we were able to order coffees.  He did not rush us out what so ever, instead he patiently made the best coffee for us.  

Best coffee in Adelaide!

The coffee shop was not too big, with a couple of tables and chairs outside.  There was a lot of bike gear, and a big coffee bean roaster inside the shop.  This is the only coffee shop I know in Adelaide that roasts a different type of coffee day.  It was Kenya on that day and my favourite.   There were so many different types, all listed on the wall.  There were also a lot of coffee making equipment if you want to make a perfect cup yourself at home.


There were also 'make your own capsules' to put into nespresso machines, if you are bored of one coffee type, you can make your own coffee capsules and take them home for a reasonable price.  All the types of coffee available were all ready to buy also. 

Red Berry Espresso also supports the eCoffeeCard app, no more carrying around of cards in your wallets, download the app on your mobile device , everytime you go and purchase a coffee, scan the QR code, buy 9 coffees and enjoy the 10th one for free. 

I can't wait to go back and try all the different types of coffee.


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