Chocolateria San Churro

Finally, San Churro has arrived in Adelaide, I have seen it in Sydney, Melbourne and wondered when Adelaide will have it's store.  The cafe is in a super location, right on the corner of East Terrace and the busy Rundle Street, full of restaurants and cafes.  However, I was a little disappointed.  The set up inside was pretty ordinary, there were plenty of tables and chairs outside.  It was very noisy, seemed like it was the new hang out place.  They did not enough staff working on the day, when we walked in, we stood there for a while before any staff would seat us to a table.  The menu looked impressive, a lot of things to choose from, however I decided to choose the simple churros and the famous chocolate.  

To my disappointment, the churros looked nothing like the ones you see on their website, it looked like they just dumped the churros on the plate, I had to put the churros on the plate properly to take the photo.  Churros tasted very bland and they were hard, chocolate dip was pretty good.  Dark hot chocolate was ok only, and the latte did not have much coffee taste to it.  We didn't bother trying other things on the menu, the pictures looked better than the real things.

We took a look around at all the tables, a lot of people have left over food, and mostly we saw left over churros, not sure if they had the same opinion as me, but that meant something, didn't it?  I have had better churros elsewhere and I do think they need to pick up their game if they want happy customers. The price for everything is too high with this quality of food.  I don't think I will come back to this place anytime soon.


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